sand is overrated

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

live from new york, it's arcade fire!

with the possible exception of wilco's sky blue sky, due in may, arcade fire's neon bible is my most anticipated release of the year. (bright eyes' cassadaga might have something to say about that as well.) neon bible leaked several weeks ago, but i've been holding off on listening to it until i can hear the whole thing through. but they were on saturday night live tonight, and well, i could not resist.

pre-order neon bible directly from merge records [here]
more arcade fire at the hype machine [here]
visit the torture garden for all the latest arcade fire news [here]

arcade fire : "intervention (live on saturday night live)" mp3
from saturday night live (february 24, 2007)

arcade fire : "keep the car running (live on saturday night live)" mp3
from saturday night live (february 24, 2007)


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

explosions in the sky on conan

with how busy i've been lately, this seems to be what i've been reduced to--scouring the late night circuit for live appearances and posting the video without much thought or commentary. hope that's alright with you. something about explosions in the sky tells me it is.

explosions in the sky : "welcome, ghosts (live on late night with conan o'brien)" mp3
from late night with conan o'brien (february 21, 2007)
also from the lp all of a sudden i miss everyone (temporary residence, 2007)


Sunday, February 18, 2007


it's all-star weekend in the nba, something that i look forward to every year. among the festivities on all-star saturday was the dunk contest, and this dunk by the celt's gerald green was just sick.

at the break, the music blogger fantasy basketball league standings look like this:
1. B+A Urban Achievers 51
2. Blackbeard's Delight 46
3. sand is overrated 45.5
4. Veritas Lux Mea 45
5. Scatter o' Light 43
6. High Street Robbers 41
7. Airstrikes 27
8. So Much Silence 25.5

i'm only in third place at the moment but still feel good about it, seeing as how b+a has played nearly 100 more games than i have. it will be interesting to see how the next few months shake out once he maxes out his games played.

jurassic 5 : "the game" mp3
from the lp quality control (interscope, 2000)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

m. ward + nels cline + jim james + neko case + mike mogis = awesomeness!!!

let's see if this works. last week at the m. ward show i picked up his upcoming single for "to go home", which closes with a song called "headed for a fall" that features nels cline, jim james, neko case, mike mogis, jordan hudson, mike coykendall, and the rosano bros. i don't really think i need to say more than that, but it truly is a fantastic rockin' good time. it's a cover of a jimmie dale gilmore song, with james and case on harmonizing vocals and cline's signature frenetic guitar work closing out the track. of course i want to share it with you all, but since this is only a four-song single, i don't feel quite comfortable putting it up for download. so i'm trying out a flash player that will let you stream it but not actually download it. check it out here.

m. ward : "headed for a fall" mp3
from the single to go home (merge records, 2007)

just another day

today is february 15th. today is not valentine's day either. but this is still one of the most romantic sentiments i've ever read. you should listen to it. and share it. just because.

r.e.m. : "be mine" mp3
from the lp new adventures in hi-fi (warner bros, 1996)
i never thought of this as funny
it speaks another world to me
i want to be your easter bunny
i want to be your christmas tree
i'll strip the world that you must live in
of all its godforsaken greed
i'll ply the tar out of your feathers
i'll pluck the thorns out of your feet

you and me
you and me
you and me

and if i choose your sanctuary
i'll want to wash you with my hair
i want to drink of sacred fountains
and find the riches hidden there
i'll eat the lotus and peyote
i want to hear the caged bird sing
i want the secrets of the temple
i want the finger with the ring

you and me
you and me
you and me

and if you make me your religion
i'll give you all the room you need
i'll be the drawing of your breath
i'll be the cup if you should bleed
i'll be the sky above the ganges
i'll be the vast and stormy sea
i'll be the lights that guide you inland
i'll be the visions you will see
the visions you will see
you will see
you will see

you and me

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

if i kiss you where it's sore...

i have to interrupt my valentine's post trio for a moment. if i had it to do over again, regina spektor's begin to hope is one album that in retrospect would probably have been on my best albums of 2006 list. unfortunately i hadn't even heard it by the time 2007 rolled around, but i certainly have heard it now. she was on last call with carson daly last night and she couldn't have looked any sweeter and more gracious.

regina spektor : "better (live on last call)" mp3
from last call with carson daly (february 14, 2007)


random thoughts for valentine's day, 2007

"today is a holiday invented by greeting card companies. to make people feel like crap."

yesterday was what today should be every day. in the spirit of promoting equality between valentine's day and non-valentine's days, there will be no love song here today. you can find those at countless other blogs on the internets. instead, today you get what must be admitted is almost always the eventual conclusion to every love story.

sometimes it doesn't work out. and that's okay. because it only has to work out that one time...

wilco : "bob dylan's 49th beard" mp3
from the ep more like the moon (nonesuch, 2003)
you'll be happier when i'm gone
i'm much too busy to worry
i'll be sad and you'll feel bad
but i know you won't be sorry

and as i turn to go
please don't wave goodbye
i refuse to cry
on roads that are paved
with men who behave
like they know where they're goin'

and i'll stop along the way
and it's then i'll think of you
and i'll wonder if you knew
when i got blue

and things got weird
and i started growing
bob dylan's beard

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

february 13th is not valentine's day

yes, i am still here. the past few days i've been in san diego for a conference for work/school. full days of listening to people speak about orthopaedic research. it's all quite boring, actually. but san diego is undoubtedly on my list of places to live, so it's not all bad, i guess.

anyway, the calendar is telling me that a certain day is approaching. today is february 13th. today is not valentine's day. but that does not mean that you and yours can't act like it is. you'll see tomorrow that i at least like to pretend to have a cynical attitude towards february 14th. when really i am quite the opposite. it's just that, like christmas, the commercialization of some holidays seems to render them meaningless. so just because valentine's day isn't until tomorrow is no reason for me to wait to post a song like this today. and it's no reason for you not to adore your valentine today. and tomorrow. and the next day.

the postal service : "brand new colony" mp3
from the lp give up (subpop, 2003)
i'll be the grapes fermented
bottled and served with the table set
in my finest suit, like a perfect gentleman

i'll be the fire escape
that's bolted to the ancient brick
where you will sit and contemplate your day

i'll be the waterwings
that save you if you start drowning
in an open tab when your judgment's on the brink

i'll be the phonograph
that plays your favorite albums back
as you're lying there, drifting off to sleep

i'll be the platform shoes
and undo what heredity's done to you
you won't have to strain to look into my eyes

i'll be your winter coat
buttoned and zipped straight to the throat
with the collar up so you won't catch cold

i want to take you far
from the cynics in this town
and kiss you on the mouth
we'll cut our bodies free
from the tethers of this scene
start a brand new colony
where everything will change
we'll give ourselves new names
(identities erased)
the sun will heat the ground
under our bare feet
in this brand new colony

everything will change...

Thursday, February 08, 2007

yesterday i saw the sun shining

i haven't had much time for anything recently, but i do love me some norah jones. so here you go

norah jones : "thinking about you (live on the tonight show)" mp3
from the tonight show with jay leno (february 7, 2007)


Saturday, February 03, 2007

m. ward : the el rey theatre, february 2, 2007

that's what i'm talkin about.

i've said it before, but i'll say it again--m. ward is an amazing solo performer. as much as i longed for more after his show with a full band last september is how much i got--and one thousand times over--last night. all it took was the curtain pulling back to reveal matt playing "duet for guitars #3" for me to realize that the night was going to be pretty special. i don't think i could possibly overstate the wonder that is watching this man play the guitar--it is wondrous, mesmerizing, brilliant, breathtaking... this was the second time that i've seen him play a solo show and each time i have had to really look closely to make sure that he doesn't actually have six fingers on his right hand. the songs from his earlier releases shined just as you would expect them to when played live. especially nice was his delivery of the lines in "carolina"
used to feel like california with my baby's eyes so blue
now i feel like carolina, i split myself in two
now i'm walkin backwards from chicago through washington
oh but that ain't enough, no you want me to run
hearing the songs from post-war, in slightly stripped down fashion, quieted any residual disappointment i was still carrying from last year. the sweetness of "poison cup", my favorite song of 2006, was even more palpable without the strings and drums that made me love the studio version so much. and, in a seemingly rare candid moment, he told of how his song "today's undertaking" was "ripped off" from roy orbison's "in dreams", and proceeded to play each song in succession. each song, of course, being absolutely beautiful on the piano.

this being l.a., though, there of course had to be a surprise, and this time it came in the form of zooey deschanel. chad from everybody cares had posted a video of the two of them performing together at the sundance film festival in park city, utah last week. but that recording did not do ms. deschanel's voice justice. because she really does have a voice, as chad said it, that could give jenny lewis a run for her indie-queen money. she sang on six songs total, including the aforementioned "i put a spell on you", and even tried to break matt's guitar by dropping it on the floor--oops.

this night was everything that i had hoped it would be, and much, much more. the two times that i have seen him play solo have been two of the only times that i can really say i could stand and watch what was i seeing all night long. and of course i was not the only one who wanted him to, as one girl put it, "play forever!" this is the first concert i've seen this year, but i would not be the least surprised if this is my favorite show of the year. now, if arcade fire comes around to play a show other than coachella, that will be a different story...

m. ward : "rag/duet for guitars #3 (medley)" mp3
from an exclusive performance for pitchfork (january 29, 2007)
(you can listen to it, but nothing beats seeing it)


Friday, February 02, 2007

oh my m. ward

m. ward plays the el rey tonight as part of his quick west coast solo jaunt, wrapping up this weekend up the coast in san francisco. he gave pitchfork a preview of what we're in for, playing a "rag"/"duet for guitars #3" medley before a show in chicago this week.

pitchfork article
why i'm so excited

all songs posted are for evaluation only. if you hear something you like and would like to hear more, please go ahead and support the artists by buying their music--i will always include links for you to do so. copyright holders: if anything on my site needs to be taken down, please email me and it will be removed immediately.

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